Updated: 04/06/2018

Interested in driving for CST?

Below are some of our main qualification guidelines.

- Drivers with minimum of 18 months of Class A verifiable tractor trailer experience are accepted. Including the following requirements.

- Must be able to comprehend the English language as required in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.

- Must be able to pass a DOT Drug test.

- Must possess a valid Medical Card.

- Must possess a Class A CDL with no restrictions.

- CDL must have a Non excepted interstate medical declaration.

- No major violations in last two years.

- No DUI’s, or DWI’s in last 10 years.

- No reckless or careless driving convictions last 5 years.

- No more than two moving violation convictions in the past three years.

- No Preventable DOT reportable accidents in last 5 years.

- No following too closely in last 5 years.

- No speeding over 15 within the last 5 years.

- No using handheld while operating CMV last 5 years.

- No felony convictions in last 10 years.

- Must meet all other CST and DOT standards and qualifications.

- Must pass and maintain a current DOT inspection.

- DOT inspection must be within 30 days, and completed by verifiable vendor.

- Tractor must not be manufactured prior to (model year) 2000.


Have a question concerning whether or not you qualify? Please contact your local CST office, or email!

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