Linehaul (chi based)

Run our trailers (not containers) from our office in Bensenville, IL to Cleveland, Detroit, and Columbus OH. Moves range from home every night to home 4 days a week and out three.

Rochelle Terminal

Run shuttles from Rochelle rail yard to regional accounts (home every day). Work here is mostly drop and hook, and generally avoids the Chicago congestion

Joliet Terminal

This yard provides operational support to Milwaukee, Indy and Chicago Terminals. Truck parking with outlets available for all drivers based out of the area

A Comprehensive choice in terminals for the average owner-operator

Charleston Terminal

Charleston, being a port town, offers you the opportunity to run both local and regional freight. Either way its your choice and you'll know you get to see home every day,

HOuston Terminal

.Run directly from the ports, the rails, or both. CST has an extensive operation in Houston, varying from local, regional, to even dedicated opportunities.

Indianapolis Terminal

Run Dedicated from the Chicago ramps to Indianapolis daily. These shuttle runs get you home daily and are as consistent as it gets.

Minneapolis Terminal

Run freight out of the St. Paul rail yards to points in Northwestern WI, Minnesota, and Northern Iowa. Customers are mostly drop and hook

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Milwaukee Terminal

Run Dedicated drop/hook accounts from Chicago/Joliet rails to the Central/Northern Wisconsin region.

Chicago Terminal

Both local and regional runs available. Local runs stay within 75 miles of Chicago, are 90% drop and hook and mostly open appt's. Regional work gets you home daily.

Savannah Terminal

.Run directly from the ports, the rails, or both. CST Savannah has numerous options - local, regional, or road. 

Cincinnati Terminal

Run shuttles from  rail yard to local and regional accounts (home every day).

Cleveland Terminal

Choose from a variety of LTL, Linehaul or Intermodal! Its your choice- stay within throwing distance of the terminal, run dedicated to Chicago, or run local & regional intermodal freight that gets you home every day!.

Detroit Terminal

Run from Detroit ramps for local deliveries and some regional work (home every day). Steady, consistent customers are a longstanding tradition here.